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My Son's game - Asgardia Tool Collector version 1.7 is released. For anyone that want to play the game (Pc Version), the game is available from the following link http://www.starsoft.space/ To play online 

The back story - Asgardia is a space nation with people living and working in space. As such, other companies hire Asgardia to do space based maintenance, and construction - as we are already there... and they save on not having to train people up to do just one or two jobs in space... To do a job, Asgardia has a mobile space based workshop and manufacturing platform it can take to the sites where the work has to be done. During one such job, there was an unexpected increase in radiation and everyone just dropped what they were doing and go into safety shelters. The game starts with you as the "tool-boy", having to retrieve the tools left out in space, using a maneuvering vehicle that encloses you like a spacesuite, before a known solar event takes place ... Your name is Sam ( so it fits either boys or girls) , and there is a time limit, as well as oxygen limits, etc... This game is short, but tests your skills in maneuvering in space and 3d orientation ... the more you play, the better you become..