Episode 207: Creating Professionals with Joseph Fung

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Today on Entrepods, Jennifer speaks to Joseph Fung, software entrepreneur and CEO of Uvaro, a tech sales career accelerator. Joseph is also the CEO of Kiite, a sales enablement platform purpose-built to provide sales teams with the information they need when they need it.  Joseph’s team helps software sales teams learn how to get ahead with their education programs.  By the time students are finished and graduate from Joseph’s program, they already have jobs to start from all of the resources available to match students with jobs. Joseph also provides students with ‘hot sheets’ (key interview tips), recruiting services, and internship programs.  Joseph explains to Jennifer ‘culture add’ wherein he hires employees that add to the culture of the organization to build on the culture instead of just adding those who fit exactly to the culture, to grow and innovate a companies’ ideas but not ideals. Take a listen for more great tips from Joseph Fung. 
To learn more about Joseph Fung and his educational platform, visit: https://uvaro.com/course
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